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Our aim is to help train & socialise your puppies & dogs, helping to make every day life easy for all.

Building your dog’s self-confidence

A large proportion of canine behavioural problems are rooted in the dogs having a lack of confidence. That’s where a group class can prove to be exceptionally helpful. Each class shows the dog with low confidence levels that other dogs and new things (novelty) aren’t such a big deal. In our group settings we ensure that all members maintain a sensible distance between each dog, which helps to keep the learning environment as stress free, comfortable and safe for all attendees.

The confidence-building games we use are easy for you to learn, which means you can practice playing them at home, as well as in class, to really develop your dogs learning at a pace that suits you both. Your dog’s confidence will gradually increase over a number of sessions -  in no time at all, you’ll have a dog who is confident, relaxed, who listens and recalls to you, first time, every time.

We will work with you so that you are the highest value “thing” in your dogs world meaning they would rather be with you than racing off round the park, potentially getting in to trouble!

What will we learn? 

  • How to teach your dog to be independent

  • How to handle vet visits, grooming and at home health checks

  • How to teach them to sleep through the night

  • Socialisation Do’s and Don’ts

  • How to build a calm puppy / dog & have a calm household including learning how to settle on their bed

  • Confidence building to create a dog that is calm and won’t react on walks

  • Enriching your puppies life

  • How to teach your dog to WANT to come back to you when you call them

  • Building focus & the foundations for loose lead walking

  • Respond to & love their name.

  • A dog that will drop and leave things when asked

  • Polite greetings without jumping up

  • Your dog to engage and respond to you, when around other dogs and distractions

  • Toilet training

  • How to introduce a 2nd dog into your home.

  • Starting a Sit Stay.

  • Impulse Control – learning to wait for release cues. Prevent your dog from stealing.

  • Confidence – teaching our dogs not to be worried by novelty / new things in their environment.

What will I learn: Welcome
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