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We are a small family friendly dog training group. Our trainers and helpers are all experienced with more years practice between them than they would care to own up to!

We meet on Monday evenings from 5.00-9.300pm at Newton Village Hall, Newton, Cambridge and on Wednesday evenings from 6.00 - 9.00pm at Foxton Pavilion (next to the village hall), Foxton, Cambridge 

Our aim is to help train and socialize your puppies and dogs, helping to make every day life easy for all.

We try and keep the groups small with between 4 and 7 dogs in a class and we invite the whole family to attend (subject to current Covid restrictions)

Which ever class you start in, be it puppy class through to adolescent, adult and reduce training our aim is to provide a stress free and friendly environment for both you and your dog as we want to help you to achieve a happy, stress free and obedient dog. Our training in positive reward based and used games and concepts to make sure training is fun for you and your 4 legged companion


  • 1 to 1 training at home or out and about

  • Behavioural advice / Home visits

  • Competitive obedience - getting started

What happened to Molliewood Dog Training?

The Molliewood team no longer operate due to a combination of COVID and health issues of some founding members. Puppy fun training is brought to you by 2 trainers who were part of the founding Molliewood team and have continued training during COVID and beyond.

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