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The dog, obviously!!

Poo Bags, just in case!


Many collars are frowned upon because they can cause discomfort or injury to your pet - choose carefully!  Choke chains are not allowed on any dog.

If you need assistance or advice then please ask our trainers


Flexi leads can be used but we do not recommend them for training your dog, they are best used for dog walking though they can encourage your dog to pull  


Wearing the correct attire will help when it comes to training your dog – wear something that you feel comfortable in. Soft sole shoes are best for training both inside and outside

Toys and Treats

Members are encouraged to bring your pet’s favourite toy when they attend classes, preferably the non squeaky kind; we normally find a tuggy toy is best. Food rewards are always used when training. See our treats page for some recipe ideas.


For young dogs It is a good idea to bring kitchen towel and disinfectant as well, when training indoors, as accidents do happen.

What to Bring: Welcome
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